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Selva Capuzza - "Hirundo" Lugana Brut Metodo Classico


Lugana Brut
Metodo Classico

Lugana Brut
Metodo Classico

Lugana produced through natural bottle fermentation for 15 to 30 months.

One of our historic products; the first production dates back to 1908.

The Turbiana grape dedicated to its base comes from the Selva and Menasasso vineyards and is harvested manually with careful cluster selection.

The must fermentation takes place in steel and, despite its structure may sometimes suggest otherwise, no passage in wood is carried out.

It is a sparkling wine with great character, which lends itself very well to being forgotten in the bottle for a few years to allow it to deepen its very interesting predisposition to evolution.

It demonstrates how the Turbiana grape is interesting when allowed to evolve in the bottle, a possibility only under the condition of excellent raw material and rigorous cellar processing.

It has often been considered the best Lugana Metodo Classico by the greatest experts of this wine: the Grand Priory of Lugana.


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