Selva Capuzza -"Campo Del Soglio" San Martino Della Battaglia


San Martino della Battaglia
Campo del Soglio

San Martino della Battaglia
Campo del Soglio

The questioning wine.

Produced from the vinification of Tuchى grapes, San Martino della Battaglia was a DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) at a very high risk of extinction and is still one of the smallest Denominations of Origin in Italy.

We have been producing San Martino della Battaglia since its existence.

Campo del Soglio was born in 1988 with the intention of saving this wine from oblivion by producing it at the highest possible quality level, expressing the best of its potential. In 2008, the European Community banned the use of the name Tocai, reserving it for Tokaji produced in Hungary. For this reason, we were deprived of giving a name to the grape from which a wine with deep roots is produced, in a DOC of the same age as Lugana.

This is the reason why, starting from the 2007 vintage, a question mark dominates the back label.

This grape variety, without its original name, is characterized by significant fragility: thin skin, low acidity, and a short maturation curve make it demanding of care and eager for attention. These same aspects are found during its vinification and most likely represent one of the reasons that led to the almost total abandonment of this grape by our colleagues.

We feel a very deep connection with this grape variety, and this has stubbornly led us to seek its best possible expression; Campo del Soglio was created to demonstrate how impossible it is to think of this territory letting this production die out.
From a production perspective, the vineyard must be kept at a very low production yield, almost half of that allowed by the regulations.
The grapes are harvested by hand, placed in crates and taken to the cellar where they are gently pressed; the must is immediately cooled and protected in steel tanks.
It is bottled between spring and summer, and after a couple of months of aging, it can be marketed.

Campo del Soglio is a wine where elegance and finesse are the two most prominent elements.
It is not a wine for those seeking power or immediate sensations; it is a wine to be listened to, a slow, shy wine.

It is in the breadth, not in the strength, that its scents are expressed, faint but clear and bright, between thyme and chamomile, sometimes more floral, other times more vegetal.
There is a clear evolution in the glass, benefiting from aeration almost like a red wine, and like this, it is not afraid of temperature rising, which allows it to reveal all its complexity to the taste.
The finesse in the aroma becomes elegance on the palate, cleanliness and linearity; warmth and a sense of density are present but at the same time not overwhelming, remaining light in an almond aftertaste.
It finishes leaving the mouth clean, with the memory of a balanced and subtle saltiness.

It is one of the wines that has cost us the most effort and has given us the most satisfaction.
Our first goal was to defend the DOC from extinction; therefore, reaching the recognitions received first from Slow Food, which considered it one of the 270 best "daily" Italian white wines, to the 2 glasses from Gambero Rosso, and to the space dedicated to it by the major national press, has been one of the most exciting enological experiences for us.


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S. Martino D/ Battaglia DOC
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