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Lacerba - Vermouth


Lacerba vermouth

Lacerba Vermouth

Lacerba is a sort of ode to uniqueness, not only in its result but also in its realization, to the sense that Massimo Farimbella, its creator, wanted to give it. One can start from the name directly suggested by the homonymous literary magazine of the early last century, linked to Futurism, to the figure of Fortunato Depero – how could we forget the Campari bottle, designed by him in 1932-. But also from the content: vermouth is the drink of the Futurist movement, as are the "polibibite", the current cocktails, in which Lacerba plays happily.

Lacerba is then declared as a tribute to Lake Garda, it is in the base characterized by the wines of its shores, from the upper Trentino Garda to its southern expansions, it is undoubtedly in the characterization due to an infusion of olives, Casaliva cultivar..., in grappa and sugar along with an extract of herbs, spices, and peels. Sunny like its color, soft, so Massimo decided in apparent contradiction with his tastes but totally in line with his passion for cigars, which pair well with the features of this vermouth from Brescia, or rather, from Lake Garda...

Lacerba emphasizes its vinous nature as a note not to be covered, but to be followed and emphasized with the other components and to be highlighted in its origin by using a cork stopper. A wine, in short, in which to transfer the elements of the lake, from the yellow of the sun to the freshness of the waters. A journey started four years ago, made of many tests, many tastings, leading to an increasingly clear awareness of the desired final result. An interesting mix, very enjoyable in perfect solitude, capable of maneuvering from an aperitif to the Veronese "wine for meditation". And waiting for a probable companion...

La Cerba

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as an appetizer or at the end of a meal
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